Checking In

Hi everyone, just a quick video (I guess I just became a vlogger) to check in on everyone, and a little “take care” message during this difficult time. I am not going to give my opinion here about Coronavirus aka Covid19, as I’m saving that for an article—needless to say, it’s a global pandemic, so all people can do right now is to stay as healthy as possible and look after themselves and each other.

The lowdown is this …

  1. Keep healthy during this time. Exercise daily, whatever you enjoy but it’s important to move your body. Playing video games or watching movies all day while not working might seem tempting but, it’s just going to make you feel worse. I treat movies and games as a reward. Eating healthy is also important to build up your immune system. I eat blueberries daily and wholefoods with my morning oats, and I take Olive Leaf Extract for extra kick. Junk food may seem damn tempting when you have so much time on your hands, but getting fat and not being active will only make you miserable and more susceptible to illnesses.
  2. Create a daily routine and stick to it. Open your diary and create a routine for the week. Sure, you might not be at work but what can you do that’s productive? How’s that book coming along?
  3. When considering moving home or seeing family, think again. You may actually have Covid19 and it’s sleeping inside of you … yeah that sounds creepy I know, but assume you have it and it’s dormant. Don’t go home and give it to your sixty year old parents please. It could kill them. Skype is safer.
  4. Take this lockdown time to reflect on your life. What is it you might do differently after the crisis? How might you change careers or is it time to move house? I know I will be moving. Some people have been forced into change; people who have lost businesses or jobs will have to start again from scratch. But there is a saying about starting again …
  5. Choose shopping trips carefully. I go at night just before the supermarkets close. I know some people prefer going early morning, but the message here is … try and avoid crowds. No need to be terrified of people, of each other, but respectfully giving each other space is the key. In Australia the new law that has been passed is no more than two people at any time outdoors, which seems crazy but hopefully it helps flatten the curve of this thing.

It is a time for change, a time for reflection. It’s like we’ve all been sent to our rooms to think about what we’ve done. And as a species what we’ve done isn’t wonderful. I don’t mean we haven’t been ingenious creatures; creative juggernauts who have reshaped the world with science, technology and art, because in this regard we have outdone ourselves. It is humanity’s capitalist ‘big industry’ visions that have gotten us into this mess – our quest to dominate all of nature and our natural resources at the expense of the planet, ever since the industrial revolution. We don’t have to pretend it’s not real anymore because we’re now living in the middle of it.

All for another article. Let me leave you with a quote and a little video …

“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”
― Gerard Way

Jakob just checking in