The Banyan Review

Two of my poems were recently published in the 2021 Fall issue of The Banyan Review. The Banyan Review is an online, international journal promoting poetry, art, and the natural world. They publish four issues annually, and feature poets, artists, thinkers, and essayists. It’s always a pleasure to have my work included in publications that align with my own values and environmental ethics.

These particular poems, We Call This Confluence and Sieve of Eratosthenes, continue with environmental and land themes (also seen in the poem Shaping the Land) to be included in my next collection. In truth, I feel very disheartened at mankind’s continual plunder of all natural resources as we race headlong into a new era where climate change is becoming the norm.

A big thanks to The Banyan Review for publishing my work. I hope you enjoy these poems. – Jakob